What is Direct Deposit, and how do I set it up?

Direct deposit is a convenient, fast and secure way to access your money. It saves you time from having to visit the branch or ATM to deposit your cheque. Provincial Credit Union can help you setup Direct Deposit so you can enjoy quick and easy access to your money.

Required information for Direct Deposit.

The direct deposit form needs your financial institution and account numbers. See these below:

Institution #: 839

Route/Transit/Branch #: 39073

Account #: 12345-106

Please note: the actual account number - the number that is the two digits that replace the 00 of the 2nd and 3rd last digits of the login number (12345006). The majority of payments are made from/and deposits are made to a spending (chequing) account, in which case this would be 10.

The set up:

    Locate your Transit Number, Institution Number and Account Number by using one of the follwing methods:

    Using your Credit Union App to locate direct deposit information.
    Open your credit union mobile app to quickly find direct deposit information in 3 quick taps.
    1. Tap Accounts
    2. Tap the desired account you would like to set up for Direct Deposit
    3. Tap account details

    Account details will show your full account number which is what you will use along with the transit and institution number to set up for direct deposit or pre-authorized payments.

    We have outlined the institution and branch number above. For additional reference, they can also be found by selecting Find Us on the second page of the app.

    Using your Member Direct Online Banking to locate direct deposit information.
    Log in to Member Direct and follow the following steps.

    1. Once logged in, select My Accounts on the left pannel
    2. Click View e-statement
    3. Select the most recent months e-statement, this e-statement will provide you with all of your account numbers
    4. Look for the account you would like to set up for direct deposit or pre-authorized payments and it is the eight digit number on the e-statement

    Important Information.

    Please note that the information required for Direct Deposits and Pre-Authorized Payments is the individual account number. You may have a savings account and a chequing account and you will need to specify which account you wish to use.

    Therefore when entering your bank account number be sure to specify the proper two digits representing the account number. For example: 12345 -116 It is important that the bank account information is accurate so if you have any questions, please visit us in branch or contact us at 902-892-4107 to ensure you have the proper account information.

    Direct Deposit Form
    Direct Deposit Form and Pre-Authorized Payment Form