Boards and Elections

Execute your right to vote!

The Provincial Credit Union Board of Directors consists of 12 positions that represent our communities from across PEI. This is the first year we will be having an exclusively electronic vote. 

Meet the candidates
Terms have come to an end for four of our directors. However, there will only be three elections, as one director position seat has been won by acclamation. 

Legacy Tignish Credit Union seat — won by acclamation.
Legacy Provincial Credit Union seat candidates: 5
Legacy Malpeque Bay Credit Union seat candidates: 2
Legacy Évangéline-Central Credit Union candidates: 3

Legacy Provincial Legacy Malpeque Bay Legacy Évangéline-Central
Bernard Keefe Alisha MacKay Harold MacNevin
Brett Poirier Wes Sheridan Imelda Arsenault
Jackie Bourgeois Robert Gallant
Phil Ferraro
Roger Gallant

Click here to view the candidate biographies 

How do I vote?
You should have received an email from Election Runner, assigning you a Voter ID and Voter Key. You will need these to register your vote.  When you get your Election Runner email, log in with your key and vote! That email will have all the exact instructions you need and detailed information about the candidates. 

What if I didn’t receive a Voter ID & Voter Key?
If you didn’t receive an email from Election Runner, please contact your branch.  If you’re having any difficulties at all, you can also drop in and vote in-branch.

How do I vote as my Business Account?
Business owners are members and may vote as an individual or on behalf of their business.  Each person only gets the right to vote once.  To vote as a business, you will need to appoint a person as a proxy to vote on behalf of the business. To appoint your delegate or yourself as the voter for the business, please fill in this form.  Once submitted and approved, your delegate will receive an email with their Voter ID and Key in order to vote on behalf of the business.

What’s the deadline to vote?
Voting is now closed.  Winning candidates will be notified and an announcement will be made at the AGM.